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Technical Services

News and Tech Updates for Pool Professionals

July 24, 2020

Technical Updates for Pool Professionals June 2020

1. Gas Heaters: UHS Details on recent changes made to wiring configuration 2. Gas Heaters: H500FD Correct Part number for high limit is not listed in Buyers Guide 3. Lights: UCL320/160 Make sure you leave a minimum 2” cord length on returns 4. Lights: WFB100 Bubbler Not designed for fiberglass or vinyl 5. Controls: OmniLogic HL-Base MSP update 6. Controls: OmniPL The new OmniPL controller should never be disassembled

Training Registration

Hayward Pool Products is pleased to announce our 2018-2019 training schedule. This season we are featuring numerous one day training seminars in six different regions across the United States. Our workshops are extensive training sessions for various equipment and topics such as:
  • New Products
  • Heating Products
  • Controls
  • Cleaners
  • Salt Chlorination
  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Sense & Dispense
  • And more...
To view your local schedule and register for a training seminar, please select your region from the list below: